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Top 12 Wall Decor Ideas

Best Wall Art Ideas For Any Room

By using some creative wall art ideas we can decorate our house in a unique way. Each wall is important, for decoration purposes. There are many creative things which we can do with the walls. I like to decorate my house in a simple way which gives sober look to my house. From my point of view, the most important thing is the "Colors of walls". Wall colors matter a lot in your house. Choose bright colors always which gives a fresh look to your house. Nowadays, wallpapers are an ongoing trend. Everybody prefers wallpaper, instead of color painting. Choices depend on individuals. Other than this, many other ideas are useful for decorations.

Wall Stickers- 

If you are getting bored with your walls, and if looking for a change then give a new look with some decorative wall stickers. There are a variety of wall stickers are available in the market. Go with unique designer wall stickers. Purchase stickers according to your room colors and wall size.

Wall Paintings-

As we know the paintings are always in trend. Everybody must like to include paintings in their wall art. There are many famous artisans, who make paintings handmade. Handmade paintings give a creative look to your walls. Big size painting, look nice on the center wall of the living room. In an entryway also paintings look decorative.      

Vintage Mirrors- 

Decorate your home walls with some mirrors. Mirrors are just not using for dressing up, but it can be also used for home decoration purposes. Most of the Interior designer adds some mirror work to their interior project. Instead of wall painting, we can use the vintage mirrors on top of the bed wall. 

Wall Hanging Planters- 

Original indoor plants, add freshness to our house. Planters and pots are used for the plant decoration. You can decorate your garden wall or entranceway with a beautiful wall hanging planter. The string of pearls plant looks very attractive. Best hanging plant for decoration.

Kitchen Walls- 

Don't ignore the kitchen walls. It must look interesting and unique. For the kitchen walls, decorate it with some kitchen essentials by hanging them on the walls. If your dining table is in the corner space, then you can decorate it above the dining table wall. 

Wall Sconce-

Wall scone is something unique idea for the walls. Wall scone is the type of light fixture which is fixed on the walls. For the living room, you can add a wall sconce on the main wall. You can use it as a night lamp also. 

Art With Flying Birds-

Give flying look to your wall, with some hummingbirds. This can be something new concept. There is a variety of collections available in this art, you can go with wooden or ceramic art. Always prefer to purchase handmade art, finishing wise it looks better and attractive.

Wall Interior-

Give a modern and classy look by doing some wall interior. You can hire a professional interior designer for it. The texture of the wall is very important, which adds some uniqueness to your wall. Before doing the interior, firstly prepare with a good plan and theme. 

Wall Clock- 

If your living room has some small-mid walls in between the two windows, it can be a good idea. The purpose is only for wall decoration. It gives a simple and sober look. So, make a center or focal point by decorating mid-walls. 

Photo Gallery Art- 

For the Bedroom wall decoration, create your own art with some photo galleries. Hang your sweet memories on the wall in a creative way. Add some lighting into it. The best DIYs, which anybody can do easily. Best wall decoration, especially for the girl's bedroom. 

Wall Hanging Plates-

One of the innovative and inspirational ideas, for your wall decoration. Hang it on your favorite wall. Instead of hanging plain plates, use some decorative and print design plates. There are many other ideas for wall decoration, but this one is creative. I love to decorate my dining room wall with some designer plates. 

Wall Mounted Candle Holder-

Yes, a candle holder is one of the parts of your wall decoration. You can mount it on the walls. If you are thinking occasionally about candlelight dinner, then decorate your garden area walls with some unique candleholders. You can also hang it on the entryway, living room, bedroom walls.


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